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Public safety is the cornerstone of prosperity.

  • Every citizen deserves the right to feel safe at home, at work or in a neighborhood park. We will work with our police and others to ensure that public safety and anti-crime funding is always our #1 priority.


Growing our own local small businesses and improving the soil conditions to

attract new investments. 

  • District 4 is home to many local small businesses, and we need more of them. Simplifying the process for permits and business licenses is the first step. New investment means reduced taxes. Columbia has many assets that make it attractive for new investments, but we need better data to recruit new capital which will create spending in our local businesses and good jobs for our citizens. 


Streamlining city services to reduce cost and provide better customer service.


  • Reducing the cost of city services and improving them should be the mission of city leaders. For example, it is the city’s duty to provide safe drinking water at the lowest cost to its citizens, yet we raise the cost simply because we are below a certain average price. It’s time to prioritize projects and have a long-range plan. Before we start or expand new projects, let’s finish the ones we’ve started or fix those in the greatest need. 


Enhancing the City’s appearance.


  • A city’s appearance tells you a lot about what its priorities are and where it is going. Our roads, sidewalks and street corners should shout we are proud of Columbia…. move here, stay here, invest here!  City property should set an appearance standard that creates a sense of pride of place. If you want a vibrant, walkable city that attracts visitors and new business, then it’s time that we put power lines underground, beautify our parking areas and simply make our city as beautiful as we all know it can be. 

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